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The San Francisco River

The san francisco (also known as Vicacha) is a river that crosses the Bogota sabannah from east to west. This river borns in the Cruz Verde paramo to then cross down the Monserrate hill, when it arrives to the city it is canalized into what is known as the Eje Ambiental. 


The Community


The project aims to create a self-powered, 2 -channel water probe, using 3D printing and energy harvesting. We intend to design and prototype a hybrid energy harvester cell for single- or multi-source energy collection dependent on the available local resources. This energy cell will be integrated a 2 channel Senso Agua (pH, Conductivity) and will be used to monitor the parameters of the San Francisco River (SFR) in Bogotá-Colombia.



This work was supported by the IEEE Electron Device Society through ___________ project on _______.

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